About John

I was born in South Yorkshire and now live in east London.  I studied geography at Southampton University and, after a year working as Education and Welfare Officer in the Students’ Union at the university, I found my vocation in life as a  benefits and debt adviser in the voluntary sector.  I’ve worked in that field for the last thirty years or so.

My work in advice led to opportunities as a trainer and writer and for the last twenty years I have worked freelance in those roles alongside my paid employment.  In the last three years or so I have added writing fiction to the many books I have published on bailiff law and court procedures.

My interests are varied and  include  poetry, history. archaeology, art and music.  Favourite poets include William Blake, John Keats, Ivor Gurney and Gerard Manley Hopkins; preferred artists include Paul Nash and Jo March.  Amongst my favourite musicians are David Bowie and The Mekons.  A lot of these will be reflected in the posts on this blog.

I operate several other blogs on WordPress; these are broadcastbarnsley.wordpress.com which discusses music and fashions of the 1970s through the perspective of one South Yorkshire mining town and britishfairies.wordpress.com which discusses aspects of British folklore.  On walkingwithwritersblog.wordpress.com I have started to create a collection of walks based on the known rambles of known authors.

My general website, with links to full details of all my work and projects, is to be found at johntkruse.wordpress.com.