Divisions- the sickness of Albion?


Britain has been plunged into a new election.  Is this the time for the Children of Albion to speak up for unity and and a new way and to reject the old politics?

We are faced with division and separation on all sides.  Brexit has of course motivated the poll, but we will hear much of the politician’s favourite imaginary unit, “The Hard Working Family” over the next few weeks.  Surely it’s now time to reject these attempts to divide and conquer?  What about the retired? the disabled and sick? what about single people? childless couples?  what about the unemployed- or even those who work just enough to live but won’t slave more for their employers?  All of these, seemingly, are excluded from politicians’ consideration by tedious and automatic repetition of this meaningless phrase.  We’ve heard too much of it over the last few years, but it has become ingrained in our stagnant political discourse.

We are encouraged to accept and subscribe to difference on all sides- between Britain and Europe, England and Scotland, working and non-working, native and immigrant, ‘family’ and ‘non-family.’  Division and distinction are the sickness of Albion and Albion is sick of it.  It’s time for a new way.  It’s time for a new aspiration.

Albion is for the rejection of what has gone before.  Albion is for unity.  William Blake wrote:

“Awake! awake oh sleeper of the land of shadows, wake! expand! I am in you and you in me, mutual in love divine.  Fibres of love from man to man through Albion’s pleasant land.  In all the dark Atlantic vale down from the hills of Surrey, A black water accumulates.  Return, Albion, return!” Jerusalem I, 1

“They walked before Albion, In the Exchanges of London, every nation walked.”  Jerusalem, I, 24.

Is it time to create an Albion where everyone can share mutual love and respect- or shall we perpetuate and aggravate separation and division?


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