Festivals of Albion? the start of a new people’s calendar


“It’s not made by great men” The Gang of Four

Here’s the beginnings of a list of suggested new dates for national festivals for the children of Albion to celebrate:

March 31st– in 1990, the date of the Poll Tax Riot in Trafalgar Square London.  A violent conclusion to the popular protests against the community charge (poll tax) which led within 8 months to the resignation of Mrs Thatcher and the scrapping of the tax;

April 1st– in 1649 Gerard Winstanley and the Diggers founded their self sufficient community on St Georges’s Hill, Surrey;

April 4th– in 1958 the start of the first march by anti-nuclear protestors from Trafalgar Square to the atomic weapons establishment at Aldermaston;


May 17th– in 1649, the Leveller revolt against Cromwell was brought to an end at Burford, with the execution of three of the Leveller men;

June 1st– in 1985 police prevented the Peace Convoy from attending the Stonehenge festival.  The convoy was forced off the highway into a field and a ‘police riot’ followed in which mobile homes were smashed and individuals assaulted.  It has been called the ‘Battle of the Beanfield’, although it was almost entirely a one-sided attack on travellers including families and single mothers;

June 15th– in 1385 the Peasant’s Revolt effectively ended at Smithfield with the killing of Wat Tyler;

June 18th– the date in 1984 of the Battle of Orgreave.  Striking miners faced a paramilitary police force during the miners’ strike.  Described by Tristram Hunt MP as a “brutal example of legalised state violence.”


August 16th– in 1819 demonstrators were unjustifiably attacked and cut down by the militia at St Peter’s Fields, Manchester- the so-called Peterloo massacre;

August 26th– in 1541 Kett’s rebellion was crushed at Norwich by armed forces;

This isn’t meant to be final or definitive and you’re very welcome to make suggestions for additions.



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