‘The inequity of redemption’- the soundtrack!


We’ve got a fuzzbox and we’re going to use it take us back to the mid-1980s to a celebration and commemoration of the sounds of the time.  I have just published a soundtrack of hits from the time to go with my novel, The inequity of redemption, which is set in 1986-87.

I wrote The inequity of redemption some time after A love foretold, but it addresses the events and emotions of my life in Birmingham some six years earlier that the prior book.  As with its predecessor, Inequity builds upon the actual facts of my life then, but takes the individuals discussed and the scenes described into different directions.  To some extent it is wish fulfillment; to some degree, it’s an exploration of ‘what if?’ scenarios: how might life have developed had a different path been chosen at some point?

The songs listed on the soundtrack page that I have just published provide an aural backdrop to the drama of my characters’ lives, just as they were the backdrop then to real emotions and relationships.  I give you YouTube links to the music and the videos for such tracks as The Cult, ‘She sells sanctuary,’ The Smiths ‘Big mouth strikes again’ and The Pogues, ‘Sick bed of Cuchulainn.’ Also featured are The The, Julian Cope, Pop Will Eat Itself, We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and the Mighty Lemon Drops.

For fuller details of my writing and blogging in this area, see my website.


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