In praise of: Birmingham


Welcome to Brum- Spaghetti Junction

I’ve just added a new page to my site, the first in a series of “In praise of:” pages that will list some of my favourite things and locations.  As a former resident of Brum, I start with that fair city.  You may doubt that the home of Black Sabbath and heavy metal has much to offer in the way of elegance, culture and beauty, but think again.

I’ve celebrated many of the delights of the city in my two novels set there: A love foretold and The inequity of redemption.  Now, I want to more explicitly sing the praises of my former home, so on  separate page on this site I have made a list of ‘seven best things’ about Brum.

I could also have praised excellent night-classes organised by the city and (especially) at the Brasshouse language centre  (where I studied Japanese and Welsh), the music venues like the Irish Centre, Edwards No.7 and the Institute in Digbeth and various other restaurants and pubs, but after 21 years I fear that some of these things may no longer be the same- or even exist.  They’ll have been replaced by new attractions, I hope, but what I have listed has stood the test of time- quite literally for somewhere like Blakesley Hall, illustrated below.

To see the full list, visit the page: In praise of: Birmingham




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