Sing street


I just bought this DVD– having missed seeing the film in the cinemas- and it is fantastic and highly recommended!  I’m a bit biased in its favour for two reasons:

  1. it’s about some fifteen year olds forming a band and, as I’ve described in my book Freak or smoothy, that’s exactly what I did at the same age.  The difference is, though, that this band, Sing Street, are absolutely fantastic, whereas I never got anywhere near their musical accomplishments myself.  Their musical abilities are probably unrealistic given their age, but I still feel retrospectively jealous (if that’s conceptually possible)- and not just about their song writing skills.  They’re also a lot cooler than I ever contrived to be at a similar age.  The evidence is published below; you can make your own judgments (but don’t be too harsh);
  2. Secondly, it’s set in Dublin in the mid-1980s, which brings back very happy memories of my visit there in the summer of 1985.  It was a charming city with a aura of poverty and slight dereliction, but none the worse for that, in my view.

The songs are amazing and the love story strikes just the right balance between sickly and tragic: there’s enough realism there to take the edge of the cloying- so it’s a definite endorsement from me to all you old romantics out there!


Sing Street’s vocalist & guitarist


Your esteemed author, modelling his finest 70’s clobber.  All I can say is, I did get some shades like the singer’s at about that time in the 1980s…..



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